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Media Strategy and Consulting

Paul W. Feenstra & Associates is a conduit for mainstream international media distribution, development and placement. Providing expertise in Standards, International Compliance and Delivery Requirements for Broadcasting, Film and Music, with the emphasis in generating new revenue streams.

Media content owners have recognized the growing success of electronic distribution and its potential for generating income. They have released their catalogues to us for World-Wide electronic distribution, and in partnership with one of the largest Aggregator/Distributors in the world we can now provide media content owners with opportunities to showcase and sell their content internationally.

With established corporate media relationships in New York, Los Angeles and New Zealand, Paul W. Feenstra & Associates has brokered distribution for Film, Television, Music and Audio Books. In partnership with Los Angeles based Film Literary Agencies, Paul W. Feenstra & Associates can tender selected film scripts for submissions to major Hollywood Studios for development and funding, providing access to these normally inaccessible agencies.

While digital technology has streamlined the Production, Post-Production, Broadcast and Distribution aspects of creating and completing media, it is expected that the media content is completed to meet critical consumer expectations and broadcast standards for physical and electronic distribution. To meet these requirements, producers expect technical operators to employ best practices and internationally accepted operating procedures.
Paul W. Feenstra & Associates is well positioned to provide a comprehensive systems analysis and evaluation to update best-practices, equipment, work-flow and operating procedures. Evaluations of this kind often result in cost and expenditure reductions with the benefit of meeting current market trends and improve quality.